In Phase 1 we introduced the ability to create and organize groups in Oroson quickly using drag and drop. This blog describes the next phase of the journey:

Drag and Drop Content Onto Boards

We are always trying to make it quicker and easier to add content to Oroson, so we are excited to announce that in the next version of Oroson you can now drag and drop files, folders, links and text onto Oroson Boards.

With this new functionality:

  • It is much quicker to add multiple content items into Oroson.
  • Links can be dragged onto a Board and they automatically preview!
  • Files and images can be dropped onto a Board and they automatically upload and a preview of the file is quickly returned!
  • Text can be dragged from other tools and becomes a Note Item in Oroson!
  • Folders can be dropped onto a Board and they become a Group Item in Oroson with the content all included!

These changes make adding content much simpler and quicker for our users. We are always striving to increase simplicity and enhance the user experience in Oroson. In Part 3 of this blog, we will discuss the next step of this journey – how we have made it much easier to add content inline and how we intelligently handle links.

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