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Oroson Updates – January

Oroson  by Oroson  January 7, 2019
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New Year and another new release! Hot on the heels of our recent @Mentions feature release, we have another update for you – Simplified Navigation.

Simplified Navigation

One of our primary goals with Oroson is to keep things simple and fast for our users, and we are continuously iterating on the product to achieve this. Over the past quarter, we saw that our product navigation could be better.

Previously there were three major layers of navigation: 1) global dashboard, 2) workspace dashboard, and 3) boards.

Having three layers seemed logical when we first rolled it out… It was obvious to new users what the hierarchy was, however on reflection, it was unnecessarily complex. After continuous use and customer feedback, we have decided that we should flatten this out with two major changes:

  1. Remove the dashboards and add a new left navigation. This makes workspace navigation much simpler and more accessible.

2. Refine the board to add a new tabbed layout to make discussions (chat) a primary function in the UI along with the board content.

A number of key benefits come with these changes:

  • It is much quicker to switch between workspaces and boards. For example, to switch to another board in the same workspace, you no longer need to go up a level to your workspace dashboard to select the next board. Now, you can simply pick the board from the left nav. This is really important for power-users who spend most of their day in Oroson, and are continually switching between boards.
  • Using the left nav, it is possible to see a list of boards, and any unread notifications, without navigating away from the current board. This reduces context switching which allows users to keep their flow within Oroson.
  • We have added a notification center. This can be accessed from the bell icon in the left nav. This makes it easy to see unread mentions or platform updates from anywhere in the UI. Mentions are usually important so we want users to see them as quickly, and easily as possible.
  • It is also much easier for users to find power functions such as archived boards, workspace settings and view workspace members using the left nav.
  • Discussion is now a primary feature in the UI and is given equal precedence to board content. Content and collaboration are both primary functions within Oroson and the new user interface now reflects this.

Whether you are a new or existing customer, if you would like a demo of Oroson and our new features, just get in touch info@oroson.co

If you haven’t tried Oroson yet, try it now for free!

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