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Oroson Updates – December 2018

Oroson  by Oroson  December 19, 2018
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It’s been another busy couple of months at Oroson! As well as many small improvements, we released a major new feature – @Mentions.

Introducing @Mentions

Collaboration with teams and external contacts is a primary function of Oroson, and we always want to develop this. Mentions in discussion/chat is something we always had on our roadmap, but we wanted to make sure it was useful before we rolled it out. After a lot of internal iteration we have finally rolled out these changes, with the following updates:

  • You can now mention another user in a board using the @<name> syntax. This makes it possible to directly ask other users questions, or draw their attention to a particular change.
  • It is now possible to mention all users in the board using @board. This makes it much easier to notify the entire board of something important.
  • Notifications of unread mentions or platform updates can be accessed from the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen. Given the importance of mentions, we want users to see them as quickly, and easily as possible.
  • We have reduced notification overload. Before these changes, every new notification was broadcast out to all our users devices immediately. If the user was away from their mobile device or computer for a long period, this could cause a huge backlog of unread notifications. This reduced the effectiveness of all notifications and meant the useful ones get lost. With the latest changes we now have a hierarchy of notifications:
  • If a user is mentioned directly in a discussion they will get a notification straightaway. Mentions are usually important and a user should be alerted to them immediately.
  • Every chat or content update no longer causes a notification to be sent to the user. When notifications occur on a board we notify the user after five minutes that they have unread updates. We do not notify them again, until they consume the updates. This drastically reduces the noise from notifications. When you access Oroson via the desktop or mobile app, you can always see your unread notifications, but when you are away from your device you won’t get constant notifications.
  • Last but not least, we also added an emoji picker, to facilitate the all-important sending of emojis!

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